What is PassCopy

PassCopy is a password manager software and secure digital wallet.

Do you have to remember too many passwords? Do you worry about forgetting them or privacy risks?

Now, PassCopy can help you remember all passwords securely and smartly!

PassCopy is a Windows utility that allows you to keep a list of accounts with usernames, passwords, and notes.

This list is stored in an encrypted database protected by a password.

We developed PassCopy in order to keep track of the many different "accounts" across the Net.

Many services on the Web, for example, require you to register and give out a username and password, which you are often allowed to pick out yourself, but not always.

Examples of such services include HotWired, Pathfinder, and Amazon.com.

Of course, PassCopy can be used to safely keep a record of anything, really.

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What kind of features does PassCopy provide?


PassCopy is the most awesome tool for managing passwords you can get on your Windows PC. Get it now!

What is PassCopy?

PassCopy is a light-weight password management tool for Windows with the following key features:

    •Easily fill your login details into any website without having to manually type them out.

    •Open any website in your web browser by clicking a button.

    •Our new grid view shows all of your records in user friendly way.

    •Records are sortable.

    •Your passwords will not be shown on screen so you can use PassCopy in front of others without compromising your security.

    •Generate strong secure passwords for the websites that you visit - Remember only one master password to unlock them all.

    •Easily create backup into a plain text file.

    •Ability to change master password anytime you want

    •Provides secure 128 bit AES encryption

    •Provides portable tool with no need to run setup program(easily run from usb stick)

    •Provides search box to easily find your passwords

    •Provides simple interface

...and a lot more options simplyfying managing passwords with PassCopy every day.

Being easy to understand and configurable, PassCopy is an efficient tool for anyone who wants to manage passwords.

Want to see more?

Of course there is more that PassCopy can do for you. Have a look at some screenshots of PassCopy in action or try the latest release.

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